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What is l'Oppidum

The Oppidum is a BDSM country  cottage.
In other words, it’s a house that you can book for a  weekend or for holiday accommodation for 6 persons at the maximum. Located between Limoges and  Brive-la-Gaillarde, the Oppidum open its doors to you for a stay mixing BDSM plays, relaxing time and vacation as you want.
You may decide if you want to enjoy your stay on your  couple privacy or you can sharing with you friends until the max available  capacity of the cottage. You are at home. This outstanding vacation propertie are ideal for short weekend stays or seasonal more long term rentals from spring to autumn seasons. You’ll experience a rare and amazing holidays stay on mixing tourism in  magnificent region, relaxing and BDSM playing within your couple or with your  friends. For those that want to have play in a strict privacy,  anyway the Dungeon will offer to you a fully private place.

We are looking forward to welcome you not just as customers but as friends who share common values.

And for all the interested in culture, what’s an Oppidum?
An Oppidum is a fortified town from Celtic civilization and usually placed on a hill to protect its citizen from enemy’s attacks. We had choosen this name because the property is on a plateau and from where we can see until miles of distance and with a breathtaking view the country.

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